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What Fishermen Found In Australia Will Haunt Everyone’s Dreams

Why does it always seem like the craziest creatures are only found in Australia? Who even goes in the water there anymore? People like David Guillot, I suppose, who make their living on area fishing trawlers. Guillot and his crew pulled in a frilled shark off the coast of Victoria, Australia, and were rightfully horrified. This thing is practically a ... Read More »

10 Reasons Why The Brazilian Wandering Spider Is Your New Nightmare

If you’re afraid of spiders, then fair warning: this post is going to stoke your arachnophobia like no other. No matter what spider you’re talking about, there are a few characteristics it’ll have that creep some people out. (E.g., it’s a spider, it has legs, it’s hairy, it’s ugly, etc.) Those are normal (creepy) traits that most spiders have. Well, ... Read More »

Eye-Swallowing and Mouth Birth: Freaky Facts About Frogs

Adorable and fascinating, or slimy and repulsive, frogs are many things to many people. But whether you love Kermit or hate him, he’s hard to ignore. From swallowing with their eyeballs to giving birth to live tadpoles, here are some strange facts about frogs you probably didn’t know. Swallowing, with help from the eyelids: You’ve probably heard the expression “his ... Read More »

Lizard Penises Evolve at Super-Speed

A lizard’s penis evolves six times faster than any of its other parts, a new study finds. The study is the first to directly measure the evolution rate of the penis of any species, though researchers have long suspected that the male genitalia evolve faster than other body parts, said study researcher Julia Klaczko, a biologist at the University of ... Read More »