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Restaurant in Southern Florida Serves Python Pizza

A Restaurant in southern Florida  got creative in a effort to raise awareness towards the impact invasive pythons are having on  Everglades National Park and created a special signature dish called, “Python Pizza”  The Restaurant has been serving this bizarre Pizza since 2011, and the owner claims its been a great success so far. Read More »

Salt Water Crocodiles Are Born Aggressive Straight Out From The Egg! New Study Suggests

Australian saltwater crocodile’s are born aggressive , according to a new study carried out at Charles Darwin University in Australia’s Northern Territory. The researchers found that of 7 different species of crocodile , the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) or Saltie was not only the most aggressive but is also prone to belligerence straight out from the time it leaves the ... Read More »

Copenhagen Zoo Staff Receive Death Threats After Giraffe Killing

Copenhagen Zoo’s scientific director and other staff have received death threats after a healthy giraffe was killed to avoid inbreeding among the long-necked beasts there, the zoo said on Monday.But director Bengt Holst said it was the right decision and he would be ready to do the same with another animal if needed. The death of Marius, an 18-month-old male ... Read More »

Amazing Caddisfly Larvae Builds protective cases out of Gold and other precious gems

The caddisfly larvae is aquatic and can be found in a variety of habitats such as streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, springs and even temporary waters. The caddisfly larvae collects whatever material it can to form its protective case, bonding the various materials together with silk that it excretes from its salivary glands near its mouth. Different species of caddisfly tend ... Read More »

One of The Worlds rarest birds “The Bali Starling” nearly goes extinct due to high demand from the illegal pet trade [Short Documentary]

One of the most rare and critically engendered Birds  on the planet,  the Beautiful “Bali starling ”  Faced extinction due to its popularity amongst the pet trade collectors.The Bali starling is native only  to a very small region and its populations where extremely vulnerable, mostly from local villagers who collect the wild specimen and sold them in the black market. ... Read More »

This is the smartest Bird in the world!

Complex puzzles can be difficult for humans, but what if I told you there was a bird that could solve them on its own?In this BBC special, Dr. Alex Taylor has set up an eight-step puzzle to try and stump one of the smartest crows he’s seen in captivity. They describe the puzzle as “one of the most complex tests ... Read More »