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Eye-Swallowing and Mouth Birth: Freaky Facts About Frogs

Adorable and fascinating, or slimy and repulsive, frogs are many things to many people. But whether you love Kermit or hate him, he’s hard to ignore. From swallowing with their eyeballs to giving birth to live tadpoles, here are some strange facts about frogs you probably didn’t know. Swallowing, with help from the eyelids: You’ve probably heard the expression “his ... Read More »

Guy Finds Live Frog In His Salad

A Man finds a live frog in his salad, after a closer inspection he found out that the frog had spend the last 3 days inside the refrigerator.Many frogs hibernate during the could months, it is believed that this was the reason the frog managed  to survive the low temperatures by slowing down its metabolism and entering a state of  ... Read More »

Two New Frog Discoveries In Indias Western Ghats

The foggy mountains of the Western Ghats seem to unravel new secrets the more you explore it. Scientists have discovered 2 new frog species, possibly restricted to rare and threatened freshwater swamps in the southern Western Ghats of India. The discoveries, described in the open-access journal Zootaxa, prove once again the importance of the mountain range as a biodiversity hotspot. ... Read More »

Researchers Hit The Jack Pot when They Discover A Group Of Frogs

Two surveys in the mountainous forests of Sri Lanka’s Peak Wilderness Sanctuary have uncovered eight new species of frogs, according to a paper in the Journal of Threatened Taxa. While every year over a hundred new amphibians are discovered, eight new discoveries in a single park is especially notable. Sri Lanka is an amphibian-lovers paradise with well over 100 described ... Read More »

New Poison dart frog discovered in ‘Lost World’

In July 2013 scientists described a new species of poison dart frog after discovering it during a study where they where trying to determine the impact of tourism on wildlife in an area of rain forest commonly known as “The Lost World” in Guyana. The scientists named the frog Allobates amissibilis , in Latin it translates to , “that may ... Read More »

New Giant flying frog Found In Vietnam

J. Rowley is very familiar with discovering new amphibians, she’s helped describe over 10 in her career so far, but she was shocked to discover a new species of flying frog in a less than 100 km from a busy Asian metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City. Unfortunately, the new frog, names Helen’s tree frog (Rhacophorus helenae), may be facing extinction, ... Read More »