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New Giant flying frog Found In Vietnam

J. Rowley is very familiar with discovering new amphibians, she’s helped describe over 10 in her career so far, but she was shocked to discover a new species of flying frog in a less than 100 km from a busy Asian metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City. Unfortunately, the new frog, names Helen’s tree frog (Rhacophorus helenae), may be facing extinction, ... Read More »

New Species Of Tiny Salamanders Discovered In Columbia National Park

New Tiny species of salamander found at CNP Researchers have discovered 2 new species of salamander in Tamá National Natural Park in Colombia. While the discovery should be cause for celebration, the news was dampened by the fact that both species are already infected with the deadly fungal disease, known as Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd), which has wiped out amphibian populations ... Read More »