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Endangered and Rare Animals

Axolotls Might Have Already Gone Extinct!

Ambystoma Mexicanum IUCN Red List status: Critically endangered Species name: Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum), more commonly known as the “water monster” and “Mexican walking fish.” These strange salamanders never undergo metamorphosis and stay in a larval form their entire lives. In early 2009 scientists reported that the population of one of the world’s most bizarre creatures has dropped by 90 percent ... Read More »

3 New Species Discovered in Australia

Researchers from James Cook University and National Geographic discovered three new animal species,  a cryptic leaf-tail gecko, a colorful skink, and a frog during an expedition to northeastern Australia. The species are described in three papers published in October in the journal Zootaxa. In March, a team led by Conrad Hoskin from James Cook University and photographer Tim Laman of ... Read More »

Scientists discover new species of legless lizards at Los Angeles Airport

Four previously unknown species of legless lizard were described in California by researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and Cal State-Fullerton. The species, all members of the Anniella genus, were hiding in plain site, living in marginal habitats that included “a vacant lot in downtown Bakersfield, among oil derricks in the lower San Joaquin Valley, on the margins ... Read More »

15 new species of birds Found in the Amazon

From 2000-2009, scientists described on average 7 new bird species worldwide every year. Discovering a new bird is one of the least common of any species group, given that birds are highly visible, mobile, and have been scrutinized for centuries by passionate ornithologists and birders. But scientists working in the southern Amazon have recorded an incredible 15 new species of ... Read More »

New Poison dart frog discovered in ‘Lost World’

In July 2013 scientists described a new species of poison dart frog after discovering it during a study where they where trying to determine the impact of tourism on wildlife in an area of rain forest commonly known as “The Lost World” in Guyana. The scientists named the frog Allobates amissibilis , in Latin it translates to , “that may ... Read More »

New Bird Species Discovered In Cambodia’s Largest City

A previously unknown species of bird was found hiding in plain sight after researchers filmed what was thought to be a  commonly found species at a construction site on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capitol and largest city. Further analysis revealed the species to be distinct. Known as the Cambodian tailorbird (Orthotomus chaktomuk), the new bird is one of ... Read More »

Neon blue dragon Found In Vietnam

A German and Russian biologists have discovered a stunning new species of lizard in Vietnam. The species, dubbed Calotes bachae, has been described in Zootaxa. Calotes bachae is a type of agama, a group of lizards commonly known as “forest dragons.” It was described after DNA research led by Timo Hartmann revealed it was genetically distinct from another blue lizard ... Read More »

Two New Lizards Found In Peruvian Amazon Jungle

Scientists discovered 2 lizards species from the Peruvian Amazon. Wood lizards, of the genus Enyalioides, are little-known reptiles with only 10 described species found in South and Central America. Described in ZooKeys, both new wood lizards were found in Cordillera Azul National Park, the nation’s third-largest reserve. The Scientists named 1 of the new species Enyalioides azulae, or the blue ... Read More »