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A Rare Encounter With The Elusive “Ghost Pipefish”

Ghost pipefishes are masters of disguise. In fact they may have some of the best camouflage of all marine sea life, which range from uncanny mimicry of leaves, seaweed , algae to sponges and even sea grass. It is very hard to spot one of these little gems but well worth it if eventually  you do manage to spot them. ... Read More »

Lamprey “The Ancient Blood Sucker”

Lampreys are some of the most primitive vertebrates alive today. They are known as cyclostomes, which means ’round mouths’ and refers to the fact that they have no jaws, having instead a round sucker-like mouth filed with teeth. A further primitive characteristic is that the skeleton consists of cartilage and not bone. Lampreys are similar in shape to eels, and ... Read More »

New Hammerhead Shark Discovered Off the Cost Of Carolina

A research paper published in August described a new species of shark, the Carolina hammerhead (Sphyrna gilbert), from coastal areas off the Carolinas in the United States. The new species is smaller than the closely-related scalloped hammerhead. Finding a new species is, among biologists, equal to hitting the jackpot.University of South Carolina ichthyologist Joe Quattro led a team that recently ... Read More »

A Walking shark species Found In Indonesia’s Maluku islands (VIDEO)

Researches from Conservation International published the discovery of a new species of walking shark near the island of Halmahera. The shark, Hemiscyllium halmahera, uses its fins to “walk” along the sea floor. The new species belongs to the family of sharks known as bamboo or longtail carpet sharks. These creatures live on the ocean floor, using their fins to gently ... Read More »