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10 Reasons Why The Brazilian Wandering Spider Is Your New Nightmare

If you’re afraid of spiders, then fair warning: this post is going to stoke your arachnophobia like no other. No matter what spider you’re talking about, there are a few characteristics it’ll have that creep some people out. (E.g., it’s a spider, it has legs, it’s hairy, it’s ugly, etc.) Those are normal (creepy) traits that most spiders have. Well, ... Read More »

Parasitic Worms Burst Out Of Infected Cricket

  The parasitic worm seeks out bodies of water with its antennae, which pick up the slightest changes in humidity. Then, seemingly against its better judgment, the host proceeds to perform a sicknasty cannonball: “If you take a cricket that actually has a worm in it,” said Hanelt, “and put it next to the water, it will always, in every ... Read More »

Surreal Light Show Caused By Agitated Phytoplankton!

These tiny micro organisms glow in a very similarly manner like fireflies and they tend to emit light when stressed, such as when waves crash or when they are otherwise agitated. While the mysterious phenomenon and its chemical mechanisms have been known to science for some time, biologists have only recently began to understand the reasons behind it.In the video ... Read More »

New Species:Carnivorous snails Of Thailand

Scientists from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and the Natural History Museum, London discovered three new species of carnivorous snails in northern Thailand. The new snail species — named Perrottetia aquilonaria, P. dermapyrrhosa and P. phuphamanesis — were collected during surveys throughout Thailand between 2008 and 2012 and are described in the open access journal Zookeys. Identified by their genital organs and ... Read More »