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Female Rhino Found Mutilated,Barely Alive After Poachers Removed Horn To Be Sold in Illegal Wildlife Trade. Warning: Graphic [Video]

Back in March 2013 Kruger National Park section ranger Richard Sowry captured the horrific face of South Africa’s wildlife poaching pandemic when he discovered a mutilated female rhino clinging to life after an attack by poachers. A poignant and gruesome portrayal of the horrors of the horn trade, this footage reveals the grim fate that sadly awaits many of Africa’s ... Read More »

Copenhagen Zoo Staff Receive Death Threats After Giraffe Killing

Copenhagen Zoo’s scientific director and other staff have received death threats after a healthy giraffe was killed to avoid inbreeding among the long-necked beasts there, the zoo said on Monday.But director Bengt Holst said it was the right decision and he would be ready to do the same with another animal if needed. The death of Marius, an 18-month-old male ... Read More »

5 Lesser Know Animals That Are Critically Endangered

Takin, Bhutan Himalayan Bhutan’s national animal. A member of the bovine family and distantly related to the Arctic musk oxen, all four sub-species of Takin are critically threatened throughout their range mainly by habitat loss. Their numbers are steadily declining every generation (approximately eight years) by about 10%   Iberian Wolf, Portugal Iberian Wolf, Canus lupus signatus, one of only ... Read More »