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New cryptic bats Found In Senegal

An international research team led by Professor Petr Koube and Darina Koubínová discovered five new species of vesper bats during a series of expeditions to Senegal’s Niokolo-Koba National Park, according to a research paper published in Frontiers in Zoology. The new species are considered cryptic, because their genetic makeup is different despite physical similarities. The new bats have yet to ... Read More »

New Species of Bat Discovered in Brazil

While new species discoveries are generally viewed as good news for conservationists, the November announcement of a new bat species in Brazil meant that another species is actually more vulnerable than previously thought. Long thought to comprise one species, the populations of Bokermann’s nectar bat (Lonchophylla bokermanni) in the Atlantic Forest and the Cerrado are in fact distinct from one ... Read More »

Animals with Mustaches

Humans are not the only ones that can grow a mustache. Its turns out that many animals seem to grow mustaches for what ever reason..attracting mates , as extra sensory organs or just simply looking cool ! Below you will find some of the most impressive examples of animals with mustaches . Cat Birds Horses Monkeys  Puppy’s Puppy reaching adulthood ... Read More »

How to Spoil Your Cat

Most cat owners get by with a scratch pole and some treats, as far as spoiling your pet cat is concerned. While this might be enough for most people, there are always others that want a little more! There is a company called Goldtatze (translates to gold paw) that can now offer you “Cat Heaven” You can buy these modular ... Read More »

Animals developing inside the womb

Amazing photos of animals developing inside their mothers womb This is just one in a series that show what animals look like while they are developing. Some aren’t  actual photographs, a combination of 3D ultrasounds and very small cameras were used to collect information to make this look as realistic as possible. The finished product is a combination of silicon ... Read More »

Huge Discovery: New species of tapir found in the Amazon

A decade of research proved what indigenous tribes have long known: a diminutive tapir that inhabits open grasslands and forests in Colombia and Brazil is distinct from the larger Brazilian tapir. The species is named Tapirus kabomani after the name for “tapir” in the local Paumari language: “Arabo kabomani.” Described in the Journal of Mammalogy, the Kobomani tapir is the ... Read More »

Researchers Discover A new Species Of A Marsupial Shrew like Animal in Ecuador

Researchers working in Ecuador identified a previously unknown species of shrew-opossum, according to a study published in the Journal of Mammalogy. Contrary to its mousey appearance, Caenolestes sangay, named after the national park where it was discovered, is actually a marsupial. The team from Pacific Lutheran University set up more than 100 live traps over 15 nights on the eastern ... Read More »