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Lizard Penises Evolve at Super-Speed

A lizard’s penis evolves six times faster than any of its other parts, a new study finds. The study is the first to directly measure the evolution rate of the penis of any species, though researchers have long suspected that the male genitalia evolve faster than other body parts, said study researcher Julia Klaczko, a biologist at the University of ... Read More »

Host of Animal Planet’s “Wild Recon” pleaded guilty of to trying to sell endangered “Iranian desert monitor” lizards online

Donald Schultz, the former host of a popular Animal Planet TV show featuring some of the world’s most deadly creatures, was sentenced in a California federal court on Tuesday to community service and $9,000 in fines for selling two endangered lizards online. Schultz had pleaded guilty last year to trying to sell the desert monitor lizards to an undercover federal ... Read More »

Monitor Lizards Can Breathe Unidirectionally Just Like Birds

Monitor lizards capture oxygen from air both when inhaling and exhaling, a feat normally associated with birds. Many scientists believe birds developed the adaptation to cope with the enormous requirements of energy needed to take flight, and the discovery of “unidirectional breathing” in the savannah monitor lizard raises questions about when and why the trait first evolved. “To go and ... Read More »

New Study: Crocodiles Do Actually Climb on Trees

When most people picture crocodiles, they think of them crawling on the ground or swimming in water—not definitely not climbing trees. However, a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, study has found that the “prehistoric” reptiles can actualy climb trees! A juvenile0.7 m total length Central African slender-snouted crocodile (Mecistops cataphractus) on a tree branch. Loango National Park, Gabon. The crocodiles seen ... Read More »

Restaurant in Southern Florida Serves Python Pizza

A Restaurant in southern Florida  got creative in a effort to raise awareness towards the impact invasive pythons are having on  Everglades National Park and created a special signature dish called, “Python Pizza”  The Restaurant has been serving this bizarre Pizza since 2011, and the owner claims its been a great success so far. Read More »