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10 Reasons Why The Brazilian Wandering Spider Is Your New Nightmare

If you’re afraid of spiders, then fair warning: this post is going to stoke your arachnophobia like no other. No matter what spider you’re talking about, there are a few characteristics it’ll have that creep some people out. (E.g., it’s a spider, it has legs, it’s hairy, it’s ugly, etc.) Those are normal (creepy) traits that most spiders have. Well, ... Read More »

Stunning HD Photomicrography Lets You Observe Spiders In Such Never Before Seen Detail!

Thomas Shahan a very talented  artist and microphotographer is an expert  in high-magnification photography, especially of insects and jumping spiders. He is a world renowned  master of arthropod portraiture, with his art pieces featured in National Geographic, Popular Photography, and NBC’s the “Today Show” as well as many other magazines, television segments, newspapers, and publications around the world. His Close up ... Read More »

Giant New Species Of Tarantula Discovered in Sri Lanka

Described by a number of media outlets as “the size of your face” a new tree-dwelling tarantula discovered in Sri Lanka has awed arachnophiliacs and terrified arachnophobes alike. But the new species, named Raja’s tiger spider (Poecilotheria rajaei), is likely Critically Endangered according to the scientist that discovered it in northern Sri Lanka. “They are quite rare,” Ranil Nanayakkara, co-founder ... Read More »