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Stunning HD Photomicrography Lets You Observe Spiders In Such Never Before Seen Detail!

Thomas Shahan a very talented  artist and microphotographer is an expert  in high-magnification photography, especially of insects and jumping spiders. He is a world renowned  master of arthropod portraiture, with his art pieces featured in National Geographic, Popular Photography, and NBC’s the “Today Show” as well as many other magazines, television segments, newspapers, and publications around the world. His Close up ... Read More »

Animals developing inside the womb

Amazing photos of animals developing inside their mothers womb This is just one in a series that show what animals look like while they are developing. Some aren’t  actual photographs, a combination of 3D ultrasounds and very small cameras were used to collect information to make this look as realistic as possible. The finished product is a combination of silicon ... Read More »

Neon blue dragon Found In Vietnam

A German and Russian biologists have discovered a stunning new species of lizard in Vietnam. The species, dubbed Calotes bachae, has been described in Zootaxa. Calotes bachae is a type of agama, a group of lizards commonly known as “forest dragons.” It was described after DNA research led by Timo Hartmann revealed it was genetically distinct from another blue lizard ... Read More »