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What Fishermen Found In Australia Will Haunt Everyone’s Dreams

Why does it always seem like the craziest creatures are only found in Australia? Who even goes in the water there anymore? People like David Guillot, I suppose, who make their living on area fishing trawlers. Guillot and his crew pulled in a frilled shark off the coast of Victoria, Australia, and were rightfully horrified. This thing is practically a ... Read More »

Lizard Penises Evolve at Super-Speed

A lizard’s penis evolves six times faster than any of its other parts, a new study finds. The study is the first to directly measure the evolution rate of the penis of any species, though researchers have long suspected that the male genitalia evolve faster than other body parts, said study researcher Julia Klaczko, a biologist at the University of ... Read More »

Parasitic Worms Burst Out Of Infected Cricket

  The parasitic worm seeks out bodies of water with its antennae, which pick up the slightest changes in humidity. Then, seemingly against its better judgment, the host proceeds to perform a sicknasty cannonball: “If you take a cricket that actually has a worm in it,” said Hanelt, “and put it next to the water, it will always, in every ... Read More »

Sarcastic fringehead

Sarcastic fringeheads are the largest of all fringeheads and they can grow as long as 30.0 cm in length, fringeheads are typically found in a demersal, marine environment. They occupy depths of up to 60 meters. As suggested by their name, sarcastic fringeheads are extremely temperamental. They are fiercely territorial creatures that aggressively protect their homes from all intruders, regardless ... Read More »

Sex in Praying Mantises will most likely end with a Dinner

Female praying mantises are famous for devouring their lovers, but they don’t actually get to mate as often as most people might think, says William Brown of the State University of New York Fredonia, who worked with film-maker Phil Hastings to record the mantises’ behaviour. “Cannibalism happens in about 16 per cent of encounters,” he says. “The male often gets ... Read More »