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Female Rhino Found Mutilated,Barely Alive After Poachers Removed Horn To Be Sold in Illegal Wildlife Trade. Warning: Graphic [Video]

Back in March 2013 Kruger National Park section ranger Richard Sowry captured the horrific face of South Africa’s wildlife poaching pandemic when he discovered a mutilated female rhino clinging to life after an attack by poachers. A poignant and gruesome portrayal of the horrors of the horn trade, this footage reveals the grim fate that sadly awaits many of Africa’s ... Read More »

Lamprey “The Ancient Blood Sucker”

Lampreys are some of the most primitive vertebrates alive today. They are known as cyclostomes, which means ’round mouths’ and refers to the fact that they have no jaws, having instead a round sucker-like mouth filed with teeth. A further primitive characteristic is that the skeleton consists of cartilage and not bone. Lampreys are similar in shape to eels, and ... Read More »