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17 Tiny Animals That Can Fit On Your Finger

1.Baby Squirrel 2.Butterfly 3.Baby Chameleon 4.Crested Gecko 5.Baby Hamster 6.Horned Toad Lizard 7.Hummingbird 8.Baby Kitty 9.Mantis Nymph 10.Pygmy Marmoset 11.Baby Octopus 12.Pipistrelle Bat 13.Baby Snake 14.Baby Toad 15.Baby Tortoise 16.Baby Tree Frog 17.Pygmy Chameleon Read More »

Why Birds Fly In V Formation

New research proves that birds in V formation arrange themselves in aerodynamically optimum positions Birds flying in a distinctive V formation strategically position themselves in aerodynamically optimum positions, and experience positive aerodynamic interactions that maximize upwash (“good air”) capture, according to a study the journal Nature by researchers at Royal Veterinary College, University of London. The data, captured from free-flying ... Read More »