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Stunning HD Photomicrography Lets You Observe Spiders In Such Never Before Seen Detail!

Thomas Shahan a very talented  artist and microphotographer is an expert  in high-magnification photography, especially of insects and jumping spiders. He is a world renowned  master of arthropod portraiture, with his art pieces featured in National Geographic, Popular Photography, and NBC’s the “Today Show” as well as many other magazines, television segments, newspapers, and publications around the world. His Close up ... Read More »

27 Of The Fluffiest animals on the planet (Warning may cause uncontrollable need for hugs)

1) Alpaca 2) Arctic Fox 3)Baby Goat 4)Baby owl 5)Chinchillas 6) Chow Chow Puppy 7) Guinness Book of World Records:Cat with the longest fur in the world 8) Corgi Puppy 9)Fluffiest cat on Instagram 10) Giant Angora Rabbits 11)Baby Gorillas 12) Highland Cows 13) King Penguin Chicks 14) Koalas 15) Miniature Donkey 16) Newborn skunk 17)Baby Panda 18) Pomeranian Puppy ... Read More »

Meet The “Penis Snake”

Actually its not really a snake nor is it related to an actual a penis, it just happened to look exactly like one. A new species of caecilian – a worm-like amphibian – has been discovered in the rainforests of French Guiana. The new species is called Microcaecilia dermatophaga or “little skin-eating caecilian” in reference to the feeding habits of ... Read More »

Researchers Hit The Jack Pot when They Discover A Group Of Frogs

Two surveys in the mountainous forests of Sri Lanka’s Peak Wilderness Sanctuary have uncovered eight new species of frogs, according to a paper in the Journal of Threatened Taxa. While every year over a hundred new amphibians are discovered, eight new discoveries in a single park is especially notable. Sri Lanka is an amphibian-lovers paradise with well over 100 described ... Read More »

A New Cat Species Was Recently Found In Brazil

In November 2013, scientists described the stunning discovery of a new species of wild cat, long-confused with another. Looking at the DNA data of small cats in Brazil, researchers found that the tigrina, also known as the oncilla in Central America is actually two separate species. The new species is called Leopardus guttulus and lives in the Atlantic Forest of ... Read More »

Neon blue dragon Found In Vietnam

A German and Russian biologists have discovered a stunning new species of lizard in Vietnam. The species, dubbed Calotes bachae, has been described in Zootaxa. Calotes bachae is a type of agama, a group of lizards commonly known as “forest dragons.” It was described after DNA research led by Timo Hartmann revealed it was genetically distinct from another blue lizard ... Read More »